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About Radical Fitness

Radical Fitness, is proud to offer a completely new range of Group Fitness Programs to the Australian Fitness Industry. These programs provide not only an exciting workout experience but also empower Instructors to create their own choreography, within safe guidelines. Radical fitness was founded and developed by Internationally acclaimed Choreographers and program creators Gabriela and Nathaniel Leivas. Radical Fitness' new evolution of Group Fitness Programs has given the Fitness Industry a taste of what can only be described as 'the ultimate in any Group Fitness experience'. Currently with 10 programs featuring in the Radical Fitness line up (and more to follow) clubs have a variety of new programs that are exciting the fitness industry worldwide. Radical Fitness offers more than just state of the art Group Fitness Programs.
  • First class instructor training accredited by Fitness Australia and in NZ by REPs
  • Group Fitness Management Training 'Follow the Leader'
  • 'Kick Start' initial training for those with NO experience in GF
  • 'Radical Elite', an ongoing up skilling for Instructors
  • Full range of Program marketing material updated each quarter
  • Consultation for clubs and much more
The Radical Fitness Programs:
  • Fight Do comes to your members in a flurry of punches, kicks, blocks, elbows and knees, all combined to make a fun, effective and exciting class. Developed by the originators of this type of class, Fight-Do has rekindled members fires with an up-tempo approach which promises to take members fitness to new levels!
  • POWER & POWER CARDIO offer 2 distinct barbell programs for the price of one! Utilizing progressive loading, the POWER series guarantees to take your members strength & fitness to a whole new level. NO other barbell program on the planet comes close to POWER in terms of pure effectiveness & results.
  • Top Ride is the ONLY cycle program on the market which offers 3 different rides! This highly effective formula keeps members & instructors motivated and coming back for more. Top Ride even has Australian Olympic & Tour De France competitive cyclists singing its praise & participating.
  • X55The eXtreme 55 minute workout, a high intensity low impact class that makes other 'fat burners' pale in comparison. Radical Fitness takes great pride in pioneering this programs unique style. X utilizes anaerobic loading on the muscles to produce a workout like none other. X55 is changing members perceptions of what makes toning achievable. Steps, handweights, bands or NO equipment at all are part of the winning formula so clubs on a budget benefit greatly from X.
  • Mega Danz say goodbye to long and complicated routines and welcome the simple and solid format that is both amazingly uncomplicated and most importantly, fun! This format makes it easier for instructors and participants to "get" the routines, achieve greater fulfillment and keep coming back for more. Dance has been recreated and is no more just another niche market with the studio filling Mega Danz! Also includes the FULL STANDALONE Mega Latino meaning 2 programs for the price of one.
  • Mega Latino will have you busting moves from salsa, tango, mambo, reggeaton and many more hip swinging styles that will see you moving and shaking off excess calories and having the time of your life! Developed in the heart of Latin America, Mega Latino promises shake n' shimmy your GF timetable!
  • Ki Max meaning maximum energy is the simple no co-ordination needed, free standing bag, kickboxing program taking Australia and NZ by storm. Never before has a program been more effective in bringing in the numbers and packing GF studios. NO age/gender barriers makes Ki Max the program of choice for smart club owners looking to branch out into the untapped child/aged markets. Ki Max - the Radical Sensation!
  • U Bound introducing the FIRST and ONLY FULL mini trampoline program on the market. Ubound offers an amazing high intensity workout that is fun for all, with ZERO impact due to the Trampolines elastic nature which works against the ultimate opposing force - gravity! Too many benefits to record here, this program is another Radical innovation set to take the industry by tsunami. Backed by years of research & development, Ubound melts off bodyfat provding what many scientist have regarded as "the most effective form of exercise developed my man!"
  • Oxigeno takes us back to basics; movement - flow - breathing. Based on classical Pilates, Oxigen's dynamic formula will give your members increased strength, flexibility, improve posture and improve muscle or joint imbalances. This approach sees Oxi as an evolution of a highly effective form of exercise as opposed to another smorgasbord of different styles packaged together.
Radical Fitness Training:

Radical Fitness offers the highest quality group instructor training based around our dynamic RF programs. We also pride ourselves in offering ongoing training so that our Official Trainers have the opportunity to up-skill, grow and develop their talents.
  • Official Trainers - Instructors that have completed a Certification and successfully been accredited in the program is called an Official Trainer
  • Certifications are the training programs Radical Fitness used to train Instructors in the rules and delivery of the FR programs
  • Follow the Leader is a Group Management Course designed to give you the practical skills to not only manage but lead your Group Fitness department
  • Kick Start is designed for Instructors with no previous training
  • Radical Elite is an upskilling training process designed to ensure all Radical Fitness Official Trainers have the ability to improve and learn
What Club Owners say about Radical Fitness:

"Amazing! The Radical Fitness programs have been a huge boost in our last community, as it offers something fresh and exciting for people of all ages and sizes. Our business has experienced phenomenal support from the Radical Fitness Crew; from helping us set up the business, marketing and administration to training and supporting our Official Trainers. Big ups, Raise the roof and double thumbs up for these fitness professionals" Centre Manager, Manurewa Leisure Centre, Auckland NZ.

"Radical Fitness has created a point of difference for out club which is a great marketing tool and a very easy way of separating our club from the pack. The innovate program and great service and advice from the Radical team has made our transition easy, and changed our club culture for the better, we are definitely Radical converters for life" Manager, Fitness and Health Centre Darwin.

Clubs can select from our fleet of 10 Programs. Radical Fitness also offers VIP packages to 5 or more clubs from the same chain or group that sign together in any one state in Australia or New Zealand.
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